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Decker & Repp Residence

“Fast and friendly, very conscious of my property and took the time to do really clean and exact conduit work.”

Decker & Repp Residence
Installed: 2010 & 2013
System size: 9.9 kW


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Bombard Renewable featured in Las Vegas Review Journal

The Las Vegas Review Journal recently published an article about growth in the solar industry. Following is an excerpt of the article written by Brian Sodoma. Read the entire article here.

Six years ago, Jerry Jones had a plan to install a solar panel array on the roof of his Sun City Anthem home. With more than two decades of experience as an electrical and instrumentation supervisor for a power plant in the Midwest, the retiree felt he understood the project’s requirements, and was confident he could do it himself.

“I had it all nailed down with how I was going to go about getting the panels and installing them,” Jones, now 76, said. “But the state changed the rules and I had to get a contractor involved.”

Jones put his plans on hold. But six years later, he reached out to Bombard Renewable Energy to do the installation. He took advantage of a 30 percent federal tax credit, which will tack on an additional $9,000 to his 2014 tax return.