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Decker & Repp Residence

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Decker & Repp Residence
Installed: 2010 & 2013
System size: 9.9 kW


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Notice – Revised Net Energy Metering (NEM) Policies for Nevada Ratepayers

On Friday, February 12, 2016, the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada voted to reject the “grandfathering” proposal that would grant any solar net energy metering ratepayer their existing rate structure if they had signed an NEM agreement with NV Energy before September 14, 2015. Instead, the Commission has implemented a revised policy where the new rate change will be implemented over a 12-year period. Starting on January 1st, 2016, your basic connection charge increased to $17.90. Your Excess Energy Credit (energy you return to the grid) is now 9.199 cents per watt while your Volumetric Charge (energy you purchase) is reduced slightly, to 11.067 cents per watt. These rates* will remain in place for the next three years. Beginning January 1st, 2019, you will see your next rate changes demonstrated in the table below.

                             Basic Service Charge I Volumetric Charge I Excess Energy Credit
Full Requirements Rate       $12.75                 $0.11289    
(Before January 1, 2016)                                                               

January 1, 2016                  $17.90                 $0.11067                 $0.09199
January 1, 2019                  $23.05                  $0.10845                $0.07429
January 1, 2022                  $28.21                  $0.10623                 $0.05747
January 1, 2025                  $33.36                  $0.10418                 $0.04157
January 1, 2028                  $38.51                  $0.10179                 $0.02649

The Public Utility Commission of Nevada will re-evaluate this rate structure in a general rate case hearing in 2017 based on new historical data. These findings will determine if changes are needed or whether the rates will stay as projected. While we cannot predict what your rates will be at the next incremental implementation, we expect to see activities in other areas including judicial review and legislation that may influence rate making.

Bombard Renewable Energy has been actively representing Nevada ratepayers who wish to participate in net energy metering both at the legislature and at the PUCN. Bombard Renewable Energy was the only Nevada State solar contractor representative at the PUCN hearings.  We were one of only a handful of entities with an intervener status. Bombard Renewable Energy will continue to work with both the PUCN and NV Energy to promote a viable and robust renewable energy market.  

*Final rates have not been posted on the PUCN & NV Energy websites

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Bombard Renewable Energy, a division of Bombard Electric, LLC, serves commercial, utility, residential and non-profit customers in both the public and private sectors in and around Las Vegas. Bombard Renewable Energy of Las Vegas was recently named No. 47 on Solar Power World’s 2015 Top 500 Solar Contractors list. Bombard Electric has been doing business in Nevada since 1982 and is a member of MDU Construction Services Group, an industry-leading construction services company with locations across the country. MDU Construction Services Group is part of MDU Resources Group, Inc. (NYSE: MDU). For more information, visit