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Decker & Repp Residence

“Fast and friendly, very conscious of my property and took the time to do really clean and exact conduit work.”

Decker & Repp Residence
Installed: 2010 & 2013
System size: 9.9 kW


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Nevada's New Energy Industry Task Force Appoints Bo Balzar

Nevada State Capitol - Solar

Governor Brian Sandoval appointed Bombard Renewable Energy’s Bo Balzar to serve on the New Energy Industry Task Force on Distributed Generation and Storage. The task force will be providing recommendations on the best energy policies for Nevada's future. Nevada Governor’s Office of Energy’s website states “The Task Force will specifically address policies that encourage development of clean energy sources and integrate renewable energy technologies into Nevada's energy sector, foster the creation of a modern, resilient, and cost-effective energy grid, and support distributed generation and storage with a specific focus on rooftop solar and net metering. The order states that clean and renewable energy is important to the economy and environment of the State of Nevada. The Governor's Office of Energy Director serves as the chair of the Task Force, which also includes members of industry, utility, environmental interests, Nevada Legislature, as well as representation from other valuable stakeholders.” 

Agendas, live streaming, and updates for future meetings can be found at the New Energy Industry Task Force website