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Knighton Residence

“During the winter months now our power bill is only the meter charge. Your installers were very efficient and quick, they were great guys too.”

Knighton Residence
Installed: 2012
System size: 6.44 kW



We offer turnkey concierge services, as Bombard Renewable Energy will take care of design, procurement and installation of a solar power system all in one place. All you have to do is turn it on, sit back and watch your energy costs go down while helping the environment. Not only will you save electrical costs, you may also qualify for federal and utility incentives for installing a renewable energy system. Visit the "Your Savings" page for more information or call us to get your free power bill analysis and proposal.


Adara Power Residential Solar with Storage

Installed: 2016

The Adara Power system provides energy peak shifting, load shaving, back-up and stand-alone capacity with the capability to be networked together. This strategy provides great value of the solar PV system considering the lower excess credit established with the new Net Energy Metering (NEM) regulations by the Public Utility Commission of Nevada.

Residential Roof Mount Residential Roof Mount System

Most homes are ideal for a roof-mounted solar power system. This is the most economical option for homeowners because of the speed and ease of installation, even on tile roofs. The two main factors for solar on your roof are the orientation and the square footage. Call your Bombard Renewable Energy consultant to discuss the benefits and return on investment for your home today.

Residential Ballasted Residential Flat Roof System

The two main options for mounting solar modules on a flat roof are attached or ballasted racking systems. This isdetermined by the type of roof and your manufacturer’s warranty requirements. One advantage of having solar is the added protection and shading the solar panels provide your roof. Bombard Renewable Energy has installed many flat-roof systems and can work with you to determine the best option.

Residential ground mount

Residential Ground or Pole Mount System
Ground-mounted solar power systems benefit the homeowner when there is too much shading or conditions that prevent mounting on the roof. Some advantages of a ground-mounted system include more control on the orientation, avoiding shading and the placement of panels. Adequate space on the property can be a limiting factor. A pole-mounted system may be a better option. Your Bombard Renewable Energy consultant will discuss the benefits and return of investment for your home. Contact us today for more information.

Summerfiled Residence

Summerfield Residence
Installed: 2015
System Size: 4.48 kW
"I bought this system to power my electric car. I rate their installation a '10'. They were very friendly and patient and answered all my questions. The IBEW brothers and sisters were very professional and very friendly."

Beaudette Residence
Installed: 2010
System Size: 7.76 kW
"Everyone at Bombard was very professional and helpful. Installers were very knowledgeable and efficient."

Brenner Residence
Installed: 2010
System Size: 4.2 kW
"Great installers, quick and efficient, left no mess."

Decker & Repp Residence
Installed: 2010 & 2013
System size: 9.9 kW
"Fast and friendly, very conscious of my property and took the time to do really clean and exact conduit work."

Knighton Residence
Date Installed: 2012
System Size: 6.44 kW
"During the winter months now our power bill is only the meter charge. Your installers were very efficient and quick, they were great guys too."

Laconto Residence
Installed: 2008
System Size: 5.91 kW
"Bombard filled out and filed all the paperwork needed to install a working system. Installation was professional and produced a great looking system. Installed system in 2008 and have had zero problems. Thank you!"

Lester Residence
Installed: 2010
System Size: 4.20 kW
"Straight forward, no games etc. Good labor, very skilled, very professional."

Pirkl Residence
Installed: 2011
System Size: 5.98 kW
"I enjoyed the people that worked on the projects. Professional workmanship."

Thompson Residence
Installed: 2013
System Size: 8.4 kW
“All my questions were quickly answered. Tina and Nathan did an excellent job.”

Vargo Residence
Installed: 2011
System Size: 6.44 kW
"The workers knew what they were doing and finished the job on time."